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downtown oakland and other spots but it's not cause anything major traffic problems. that traffic is looking good. also the morning commute is going to be off to a good start if you are driving in san francisco along northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. now let's go back to the the desk. >>> oakland's public safety committee approved a controversial crime fighting plan opinion the vote came last night. tara moriarty joins us live from oakland city hall. tara, good morning. >> good morning opinion it got pretty heated. people on potato sides of the issue really take -- people on both sides of the issue really taking a stand. they had to tell one of the sides to settle down repeatedly. angry protestors repeatedly heckled police chief howard jordan and other supporters of this controversial crime fighting plan. it would include hiring former los angeles police chief william as a consultant for $250,000. the demonstrators say he would bring a racist crime fighting policy to the table. >> he told his officers that they should patrol as such. >> i'm the guy that gets to decide which
leader is calling for a state of emergency following another violent weekend on the streets of oakland. four people killed. 11 others wounded since friday. tara mority tells us the latest shooting took place at a birthday party. >> reporter: that is right. it happened at a birthday party and basically all of the victims were men. and they scattered and ran to a neighbor's house for help. this comes after a particularly bloody weekend. last nights shooting happening off seminary and foothill. just the latest in a rash of violence since friday. four people were killed friday in a bloody six hour stretch that started at 2:30 in the afternoon all victims there males ranging in age from 17- 30. it's not known whether the 11 shootings that happened on saturday and sunday were linked not four killings friday, but police say friday's incident is gang related. all 11 victims who suffered gunshot wounds are expected to survive. friday's mayhem led to a conference call between the mayor and oakland's police chief and several staff members. there were 131 homicides in oakland last year. so far thi
injuries. >>> time now 4:35. oakland police say they are noticing troubling trends as they notice to tackle violence. 131 people were killed in oakland in 2012. some of the gang related killings. police also say the use of a pure form of the drug ecstasy is ohm boldening attackers. >>> some students in the north bay are returning back to empty classrooms after their school was burglarized over the winter break. coming up at 4:45 what the thieves got away with and hi nice is a -- and why this is a big blow to the school. >>> chp says a hundred die elantra and toyota camry crashed. and the victims names not been released. >>> new years day came with tragedy for one family when a 59-year-old man drowned after getting swept out to see sea in marin county. he was walking with his wife and dog around 12:30 in the afternoon. a wave swept the couple and dog in the water. the coast guard found the man's body around 4:00 p.m.. authorities not released his name. >>> small business owners in san francisco are concerned about a new program that will end free meter parking rob sundays. the new policy goe
a few, but highs look at oakland 62 and 62 in pacifica, here is sal. >>> traffic is looking well around the bay area, we are looking at 24 westbound and it looks good driving to the caldecott tunnel. 101 looks good approaching the 880 split. let's go back to the desk. >>> point information about san francisco restaurants -- important information about san francisco's restaurant here is more on the city's move to make restaurants healthy. >> reporter: starting today you will be able to figure out the public health standards and it is all part of the mayor's initiative to make government information easy to access. he hopes he will make it easily citywide. he will be at a conference where he serves as chairman and innovation. the chairman worked with the engineering team to create standards that other city sites and others can use as well. you can see how customers rate it but you can't find out how it is rated by the health department. live from san francisco, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> in overnight news, just hours ago the agency announced the boeing 747 dreamliner jets due to saf
. >> happy new year's steve. >>> right now we will take a look outside the oakland coliseum. traffic is moving well in both directions and along the east shore freeway, you can see emergency lights on the right- hand side of your screen but everything seems to be moving along. let's move back to the desk. >>> two shootings marched, gunfire injured a child and man around 11:30. police say a 12-year-old was shot in his foot. a man was grazed by a bullet and officers do not have a description of a shooter and they are hoping witnesses will come forward. meanwhile in old sacramento, two people were killed and one person hurt. it started with a fight in a restaurant and spilled outside. shots were fired and afterwards the midnight fireworks show was canceled and police cleared the area. kevin johnson spoke to police and there is no indication that any suspects were on the loose. we will hear from people who witnessed the shooting and what happened just moments before shots rang out. >>> following ahead on collision -- a head-on collision, two people were killed on highway 12 east of rio v
overnight power has been restored to thousands of pg&e customers in oakland. pg&e says an under ground explosion and fire at park and mccar there are knocked out power to 5500 homes and businesses. that was about 2:00 this morning. that fire has been put out and power has been fully restored. >>> new developments in the hostage crisis in algeria. the hostage crisis is ongoing and defense secretary leon panetta says the u.s. is working to assess what is happening. algerian helicopters stormed a natural gas plant yesterday in an attempt to free dozens of hostages. the hostages include americans and people from at least eight other countries. their fates remain uncertain at this point. there are some reports that hostages escaped but were killed or are then still being held. we're still trying to find out more information. algeria state news reports that 18 militants have been killed. >>> 4:31 is the time right now. oakland mayor jean quan is asking for federal help to combat crime in oakland while in washington, d.c.. she says she is meeting with department of justice to try to bring mor
potato. joining us from oakland, the gator called mr. teeth was taken. >> reporter: good morning, yes, we are just down the street from the alligator and that gator is now being treated. i want to show you a picture of mr. teeth because the gator is getting a lot of attention this morning. this is a cainen alligate and it is five feet long and again it is being treated at the zoo and probably will go into quarentine if it is acid as officials think it is right now. we will take you to unincorporated county -- and they went to this house where this 32-year-old man was living. they say he was on probation and they were doing a random check at the house and you can imagine a random surprise when they looked into one of the bedrooms. >> the alligator wall found in a bedroom to where the marijuana was kept. as soon as you get near the tank, the alligator gets agitated. >> this is the 34 pounds of processed marijuana buds and the man who was living in this home is in the jail and he is facing charges of marijuana possession and marijuana sale and he is likely to face a charge of possession of a
the bay area, no major problems driving on 880 southbound as you drive to oakland. this is northbound 101 traffic approaching the 880 split, let's go back to the desk. >>> there is new developments in the case of a man setting his girlfriend on fire. oliver was taken into custody at 9:00 last night at a motel in oakland. he was booked on arson and murder charges. he doused his girlfriend with gasoline and lit her on fire after the couple got into an argument outside of a laudromat. she is now in the hospital with critical injuries. >>> the coast guard will meet with the man who sideswiped the bay bridge. here is more about the bar pilot. >> reporter: a few moments ago a spokesperson confirmed their people will be doing an interview with the bar pilot who was at the control of yesterday's ship. it sideswiped one of the bay bridges, 750-foot oil tanker now remains docked as this investigation unfolds. he has 8 years of experience. the accident happened at a time when heavy fog cut visibility to just about a quarter of a mile. it protects the bay bridge support tour on the western span. the
away. >>> steve is okay as well. >>> 4:50 is the time. oakland could lose the chp. what the highway patrol is asking for in order to help oakland fight crime. >>> make it or break it day for blackberry. z >>> police in pittsburgh are searching for a person in interest in connection to a fatal shooting at a gas station. that happened at 9:00 yesterday morning. police say a 20-year-old man was stapped standing near the -- standing near the gas pump and walked up and shot him. >> we consider him to be armed and dangerous. we are actively looking for him. anyone with information on his whereabouts we ask that you call us. >>> the swat team surrounded the home where the suspected getaway car was found but fox was not inside. >>> oakland could lose the help of california highway patrol as soon as this week if it doesn't pay the department for its effort to fight crime. chp officers have been patrolling oakland for free but that deal ends this week. this time department wants to get paid. mayor jean quan tells the oakland tribune she hopes to use state grants to help cover the cost. >>> ap
. probably the same for antioch even at the oakland airport. 40 degrees in tahoe and it is 40 and i heard a tweet which said 4 below. 26 in redding, 28 and 29 in clear lake as well. not much in the system in crescent city seen though that looks week. nice to mild on the afternoon temperatures and they are creeping up to a degree or two each day. 67 morgan hill, increasing clouds saturday, it looks like a stronger low, but it's going to split and we will get a lot of clouds out of it. >>> san francisco's bay sold to a middle eastern network, what this sale means for local employees. >>> starbucks are looking for ways to cut back on trash with its logo and now they are hoping customers will help out. this neighborhood sure has changed a lot over the years. you know there was a time when people like me couldn't live here. i'll never forget being told i wasn't welcome in this neighborhood. well i own this building now, the fair housing act made a difference for someone like me. so i can choose where i want to live, free from discrimination. glad you could make it, right this way... . >>> welc
the police department and he will start his consulting job in oakland next month. his hiring was controversial because of the stop and frisk policy which some believe could lead to racial profiling. bratton says it is not the case. >> you don't treat the poor different from the rich, the white different from the black... >> he said his first job in oakland will be what he looks at first and he will try to fix it. >>> coming up charges a man faces and how long he could be spending behind parse. >>> today leon panetta will announce they will lift the ban on women serving in combat. it may open to women this year and it may take longer and if they believe any positions should remain closed and they are deciding on whether they have the necessary strength. >> i think this is forcing the service to rethink and they will base it on your ability to do it, whether it is basing it on certain fiscal standards. >> as of last year more than 800 women have been wounded serving in iraq and afghanistan. >> this morning senator dianne fine stein will begin her career and she will fight for a
costa as you drive between walnut creek and oakland it has been a nice drive with no major problems. also it looks good a long mouth pound 101. at 42 let's go back to the desk. >>> an officer is recovering after being shot on duty. one suspect in is custody on a another is on the run. >> reporter: an officer just told me a short time ago, the two men are on the run as far as he knows. they are wanted in connection for a shooting and as you can see the s.w.a.t. team remains on scene and they are focused on a house up there on the left side but they are mostly just doing collection. they had four square blocks locked down. this situation am began last night when three armed men opened fire on an officer and hitting an officer in the arm. they were able to take the two into custody but the other than escaped. >>> we want to cast a wide net pause we want to make sure that the community does not suffer any injuries as a result of this. >> and the two armed men are remaining in this area and they are asking neighbors. i i can tell you the officer who was hurt was part of an investigation
between walnut creek and oakland and 101 is off to a good start and a new injury accident we are following it for you, let's go back to the desk. >>> we are following what happened with the city council. just hours ago they approved to hire outside experts with police. all level has more on the -- alex has more on the heated debate. >> reporter: it turned out to be a lengthy city council meeting which he canned well into the evening and they voted to approve police bill bratton. it is a controversy contract and once they took that vote it did not sit well with many people. [crowd noise] [applauds] [crowd noise]. >>> many in the crowd booed as the council booed on a 7-1 vote to maintain order. the man who once headed up police department in l.a., bratton will be brought on to develop a crime fighting plan including support for an address stop and risk policies and many are looking at this as as a way to see dash as a way to see more real money. >> your fears are not going to be realized they will only get worse. >> reporter: they are trying to combat arise in crime in this city and a drop i
a soar nice drive from oakland to the city. we're looking at the peninsula as well. traffic does look good on 101 heading down to 92 opinion and beyond that into the south bay if you are driving on south bay freeways we're off if a good start there. and get into the south bay on interstate 880 looks good. 4:47 let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sir. we do have a system dropping straight down out of the north. not a lot of moisture. it looks like a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy morning. then mostly sunny and breezy and cooler today. tomorrow morning we will be coder. once this system dives by it will be -- chilly start. it will be a cold start tomorrow morning. then sunny and warmer weather is on the way. probably for the rest of the week. after we get through today mid 50s on most of the temps. sunny side up warmer wednesday, thursday, into friday. maybe changes early next week. >>> here we go. jackson attempting the jack. oh. that is a jump away. >> that is hard to watch. >> scary moments at the x-games when a snow many biller attempting to back flip lost control. one of the spectato
safety. the three new members is to help with under staffing at the oakland police department. newcomers is for more people to join the staff annan net gibson in an a an afford -- in an affordable housing unit. >>> brennan is currently the homeland security adviser and is a 25 year veteran. president barack obama considered nominating him four years ago but he withdrew his name after information came up about things he was uncomfortable with. >>> several republican lawmakers have considered hagel's stand on israel and hamas. >> chuck hagel if confirmed for secretary he of defense would be the most antagonistic for the state of israel in history. >> he served incredibly in vietnam, served this country as the united states senator and he has not had a chance to speak for himself. >> hagel can vote and is aimed at some sanctions and he is replacing leon panetta who is stepping down. >>> secretary clinton was released and a was admitted when they followed up on a concussion she suffered in december. she will participate in events for ahmed wali karzai visit on friday. >>> lots of people as w
. >>> an 8-year-old is shot in oakland and the me and the grandmother has for the shooters. >>> and super bowl sunday gets underway and it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> and good morning everybody, it is tuesday, january 29th, i am brian flores. >> good morning, thank you for waking up with us, as promised, the wind picked up and it really got chilly. >> there is clouds out there and clouds are holding temperatures up with that breeze otherwise it would be even colder and most of those would be pushing off towards the inland area but mostly cloudy skies and mostly sunny this morning but breezy and windy at times, here is sal. >>> traffic is doing well around the bay area and we are looking at traffic that looks good on 880 north and southbound so far in the oakland area with no major problems on this freeway. also if you are looking at the san francisco traffic, traffic looks good to the bay area. let's go back to the desk. >>> it led to a firing of a football coach and we are learning about hazing allegations at a high school
of this fire. right now oakland police officers are right here on the scene and they have been asking a couple of questions and they are currently on the phone with the fire department so hopefully we will bring you any new information live with in the next half hour. ktvu channel 2 morning news tara moriarty. >>> also a bomb scare disrupted service, at 11:00 a conductor went through the train and he spotted a suspicious box with wires sticking out of it. he went out of 4th and king street as a precaution. now they determined it was harmless and nobody was hurt. the train was scheduled to head back out but passengers waiting to board were bussed to another station for an out bound train. >>> a sheriff's deputy has died. they reported a motorcycle and a car collided tuesday. sheriff's office retiree said eric myrtle is there and the crash is still being investigated. >>> they will continue to patrol the streets of oakland. it is still unclear whether the department will get paid. in november the chp agreed to no costs to the city but that deal is said to expire today. the city and highway patro
the traffic on 880. no problems here in oakland. and the morning commute looks good on the san mateo bridge. >>> and what started as a traffic stop ends with a crash, and claudine wong joins us with the details of what happened. >> reporter: we're at 5th and townsend where the crash happened. you can see power poll hanging up in the air, and as we pan down it's not even hitting the ground. the area has been taped off by the caltran employees while they try to figure out what to do. that truck that was simply just parked there in this employee parking lot. we'll span left and show you the pg&e truck that rival within the last -- arrived literally within the last five minutes. power along the street, at least for one block in both directions that i can see is out at this time. i want to e show you video from earlier this morning as we take you through what we know about what happened. this started as an attempted traffic stop a little before 2:00 this morning. chp confirming for us that they tried to pull the driver over. the driver as they say failed to yield, came off the freeway, and ended
will happen going forward 67 in oakland 70 down by santa cruz and maybe some light rain wednesday but it will change and it could be a cold system droving in over the weekend. >> now the stage has been set for the 49ers. >> san francisco is headed to the super bowl for the first time since the 1990s. >>> and we are just three hours from president barack obama's second inn ago racing and we are live in d.c. and we will have a live report from our very own torii campbell coming up next.
. >>> two families are suing oikos university over last years deadly shooting rampage in oakland. seven people died when suspected gunman juan koa opened fire. the lawsuit was filed in alameda county yesterday by families of two of the victims. the school should have known he was to pose a serious danger to students because of the disagreements he had with the university staff beforehand. >>> school safety is now a big issue at bay area schools following the deadly shooting in newtown, connecticut. just yesterday a student was injured in a school shooting in california. >>> the super bowl may not necessarily mean super returns for santa clara. the new 49er stadium is one of the three finalists to host the big game in 2016 or 2017. but the mercury news reports the nfl has given santa clara a new lists of demands. they include tax breaks and leasing the stadium and local venues at much lower rates than normal. santa clara leaders are meeting to discuss if the city can make any money. >>> green bay packers fans are starting to arrive in the bay area. it's hard to miss them. they are decked
will be tried as an adult. >>> westbound between walnut creek and oakland, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. . >>> good morning, 20s and 30s, frost and freeze should be out. >>> well some pg&e customers in l-spurs should be out after high voltage power lines crashed on to a house. it came crashing down yesterday morning on west baltimore avenue. one person was inside the house but fortunately was not hurt. >>> they are searching for an inmate who escaped from a correctional facility. david allan brown climbed over a fence near lakeport on sunday night. as you can see from his picture he has a very distinct tattoo around his neck. he is a parole violater and has been convicted of resisting arrest. he was supposed to serve his time but was stone a jail to reduce inmate population. >>> they are looking to the toughest gun laws legislation. they will crackdown on assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines. they will also include tough measures to keep the mentally ill from getting guns. it came in response to a school tragedy about one mo
around. mainly from san francisco oakland south. this is probably on the northern fringe of that low that is really painting southern cal with pretty good rain. system to the north will bump some of this out of here. light rain south. highs mainly low 60s. i mean top to bottom. doesn't matter. everyone will be within a couple degrees of each other. too much cloud cover. extended outlook has a colder system on sunday and cool and breezy monday and tuesday. >>> oracle ceo larry will keep investors from moving the san francisco kings to seattle. ellison is expected to meet soon with sacramento mayor kevin johnson. ellison tried to buy the warriors in 2010. the mayor needs a competitive counteroffer to keep king. >> we are trying to do what we are trying to do. from our point it's a competitive advantage. we have a building and public investment. >> meantime the sacramento bee says they are not letting their limited partners match the seattle offer. >>> coming up next at our 5:00 hour. another deadly attack in the bay area's largest city. the second in two days. the big question that sti
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